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What is ISO 41001: 2018 Facility Management?


One of the biggest challenges that facility managers reported to us was the struggle in finding a management system for their daily activities. However, the gap that was left open for a long time by the lack of a standard or a list for best practices regarding Facility Management, was filled w…

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Preventive Maintenance vs. Corrective Maintenance

Even taking into account the potential waste of maintenance planning, these costs tend to be much lower than when repairing an asset only when there is already a functional failure. Strategies focused on preventive maintenance represent cost savings in relation to corrective maintenance.  Some es…

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Predictive Maintenance

What is predictive maintenance?

Of all types of maintenance, this is the most recent and the one that requires the greatest investment in technology. The goal of predictive maintenance is to predict when a malfunction is about to occur. When certain undesirable conditions are detected, then a re…

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